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Time flies,years back.

October 27, 2014

Krabi - Centara Grand Beach Resort

Just to share some photos here.

It is Centara Grand Beach Resort at Krabi Aonang Beach.

Only accessible by boat as it is surrounded by hills.

We went on the rainny season (October - December),

rainning and cloudy for most of the time.

Still enjoy the tranquility a lot though.

Hill + Sea View

my sketch~ XD 

Hope to be there again.


May 31, 2014

Rush Hour @ Bangkok

I am really too lazy to prepare a detailed post.....

So lets give the photos do the story-telling  X )

Some random photos as below:

Departing to Changi, but before that, let us take a selfie first. lol

Pool in the hotel

Bangkok Sky Train - without gate at the entrance

Terminal 21 - Went there just to take photos; many iconic spots to take photos; very tired.

See what this lady

The famous Cabbages & Condoms restaurant among tourists, but I found the dishes not really nice, the taste has been adjusted to meet foreigner preference, too sweet probably.

The boss of the restaurant even publishes his autobiography.

One of the Thai Beverages which is super tiny, not even enough for one sip. lol 

WWWWan PPPPiece~

Luckily I am not OP fans, if not I think I will broke. hahaha

Winnie the Pooh Instant Noodle Cup

Drink Birdy, Get Horny. XD

The super hard-sale uncle at the entrance of Grand Palace

Tu dia, Grand Palace

The design is just on par with its name. Grand enough.

Thai version of "Door Guardian"

The praying temple which is exclusive for Thai King perusal only.

Bling-bling buildings everywhere.

They have this lion too. Perhaps a gift from ancient China. 

<3 p="">

Marching around Grand Palace

Hot weather.

We didn't take any tuk tuk for the whole trip. IT IS TOO EXPENSIVE!

Wat Arun. Just walking distance from Grand Palace.

And it is under maintenance when we were there.


The broken pieces of plate from ancient China were being re-used as the decoration tiles by creative Thai folks few hundred years back.

Pretty like their TV ads in the Sky Train. Thai ads are quite funny mostly.

Passed by the rally camp at the front of  Bangkok Government Office.

Fried Banana treated by our driver. Crispyyy~

Selfie with Thai McD Uncle.

Trolly 界的 Ferrari

And she bought whole box of MAMA maggi and check in luggage all the way from Bangkok to Singapore >w<

That's all for my Bangkok Trip.

Hope to see you again Bangkok.

April 21, 2014


























梦想会成为一些直销人口中空洞的 hardsale 单字,








April 6, 2014




Just back from Thailand few days ago.

This is the hotel we stayed for the whole trip. Imm Fusion at Sukhumvit 50, nearby On Nut BTS station.

Very nice service and friendly receptionists they have.

Personal rating 4/5.

Most of taxi drivers in Bangkok can't really communicate in English,

but almost 9 out of ten will say this whenever they were told that we come from Malaysia,

"Oh....Malaysia......plane.....shuuuuum....MH 370....."


That's all for now first, will update the rest later.

See ya.

March 9, 2014

Broken like. LOL

December 17, 2013 - Contests and giveaways!


I don't know how does it sounds to you but it certainly sounds very seriously undoubtedly extremely superbly attractive to me.

Ordinary people like me seldom have any chance to compete and win in any big big or small small competitions for instant sports, academic, or arts competition, which require you to be extraordinary in certain scope which could be strength, intelligence or bla bla bla.

Creativity sometimes does count but most of the time it doesn't play a big role in such formal competitions.

These wins in the competitions, despite might not bring a big change to your life, but it will certainly spark up your life. The joy of being recognize will be big, it will be an unforgettable experience, a memorable day that will make you smile and smile everytime you recall back.

"When the God close one door, He will open another for you."
They said this in chinese and I direct translate.
Ya, this means, when you can't overtake others in the formal competition, then you may beat them in the back alley unformal contest.

Contests, where everyone deserve the right to step in and join. There is no chosen one, though it still a little bit depends on your talent, but you can think out of the box to be the outstanding one. Normally there won't be any rule in a contest which said that the most talented in bla bla will be the winner, whereas most of the time champion just goes to the one who is just simply lucky the most creative.

Over thousands of contests which I participated before, I did won once. You must be kidding, thousand? Okla, won once is real, over thousand I boom one. I have been following on a few contest portals before, they are the places where I look for interesting contests to take part of. Most of these contest portals have pleasant user interface and are organized initially, but turn up more like spamming website after few months / years.

But this time, there is one contest portal which I would like to introduce it here, which is Every contest maniac is money face (no money no join), and every founder of something is play play only, unless he pours money inside.
So when held a contest which gives away SGD 1800, you know they are serious. *slap my money face*

Just for your information, this blog post is the submission for a contest held by which the winner of first prize can walk away with SGD 800. However, unless this contest hits 50 minimum entries, or else the contact of participants might not be passed to the organiser, which means our entries will be not valid, but it is ok, since I already write so long for it, and I haven't really introduce you about into deep yet. So let's continue.

Each of the contest in has a minimum entries target to hit, so there is no guarantee that your hardwork will be seen by organiser.

Yet, the best part of is, and perhaps what makes it different from others contest portal is, you can accumulate points for every contest you join, and redeem it for rewards eventually. This means your hardwork pay off, and it is not just depends on your luck for you to win something. Everytime you join a contest or you share Prizle on Facebook you gain points and every point worth.

SO,  if you are a money face contest maniac and you love rewards, then why don't give it a try in Where they put efforts in running a contest portal, and you being rewarded for your every whole-hearted participation.

Last but not least, this contest which ask you to write a blog post about is open to all Singapore & Malaysia based blogger. Don't forget to make your submission by 23 Dec 2013 and wait for the result announced on their Facebook page.

Also, don't forget to redeem your points. hehehe - Contests and giveaways!

Do check out their website, click here.

By the way, this is the precious and only prize that I won before.

time looks old already.